More than ACL rehabilitation. Any questions?

Since I started this blog on December 11th, 2016 with my first blog about how to use crutches I have been focused on ACL rehabilitation. This made sense since I have helped to create an app for ACL injuries! For 3 reasons the blog will now include more than just ACL topics: 1. My patients and our blog users have been asking questions about things related to physical therapy and rehabilitation for other injuries, 2. I work with patients who have other injuries, 3. the excellent blog contributors I work with (Alenna, Nicole, Prateek, Tashkin) have expertise in a variety of areas besides ACL injuries.

This blog will still include information about ACL injuries but it will also include information about rehabilitation for other injuries.

I am now asking anyone who has a question related to physical therapy, rehabilitation or injury to email me ( with your question. If it is a really good questions that could help others we will answer the question in a future blog and publish your name! On the other hand if you are a physical therapist or an expert in the area of injury prevention or rehabilitation and you wish to contribute to our blog please email us ( and let us know what you wish to blog about.

Nirtal Shah

Nirtal is a Physical Therapist at the University of Toronto with 17 years of experience. Nirtal has a Master and Doctorate of Physical Therapy and a Master of Public Health.

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